UK Cops – Missing Episodes

City Central

S03E01 – “No Direction Home.” (aired: 15/04/2000)
S03E02 – “Half-Man, Half-Cop.” (aired: 22/04/2000)
S03E03 – “Everything Must Go.” (aired: 29/04/2000)
S03E04 – “Respect.” (aired: 06/05/2000)
S03E05 – “Above And Beyond.” (aired: 20/05/2000)
S03E06 – “Nutcase.” (aired: 24/05/2000)
S03E07 – “She’s The One.” (aired: 27/05/2000)
S03E08 – “Death Becomes Her.” (aired: 03/06/2000)
S03E09 – “Community Spirit.” (aired: 10/06/2000)
S03E10 – “History.” (aired: 19/06/2000)

Z Cars

Many episodes from Series 1 to 8

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