Soaps – Missing Episodes

A Country Practice

Series 11 – All 90 episodes
Series 12 – All 86 episodes

Albion Market

1 episode. Unsure o exact number. There were 100 episodes. I have 99


Series 9 Episode 26


Series 34 Episode 48

Coronation Street

I have made the decision to stop my collection at the end of 1999. Having started in 1960 there are only a few episodes available throughout the 1960’s and early 1970’s. My collection includes almost everything that is available during this time but starts in earnest from 1976 (Series 17)

Series 17 (1976)

26 episodes from 5th Jan to 31st March

Then every episode from Jan 1996 through to Dec 1999

Dream Team

Most of the episodes from S1 and S2


As with Coronation Street this collection will end at the end of 1999.

Currently missing from May 1994 through to end of Dec 1999 

Falcon Crest

Series 7 Episodes 19 to 28

Out of The Blue

Series 1 Episode 124

The Sullivans

Episode 451 through to Episode 1,114



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