The Rover was the second of the ‘Big Five’, first published March 4th 1922 it ran to 1855 issues, with the last issue (1855) January 14th 1961.

The Rover was merged with Adventure and the first issue of Rover and Adventure was issued the following week January 21st 1961, the title ran to 142 issues before reverting to The Rover October 12th 1963 and then merging with The Wizard issue 148 November 16th 1963.

Rover and Wizard was published the following week November 23rd 1963 and again it reverted back to The Rover with issue 448 August 16th 1969 (It’s from this merger my collection starts) and so after nearly 51 years, January 13th 1973 saw the last issue of The Rover with issue 626.

Main Stories


All 179 issues from the relaunch on Aug 16th 1969 to the last issue on Jan 13th 1973

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