ITV – Best Ever Sit Com – The 1970’s

When you think of classic Sit-Coms many people always name shows made by and aired on the BBC. ITV rarely gets a look in. Were ITV sit-coms really as bad as the press they get? I thought I’d garner the opinions of my fellow members of the Facebook group CLASSIC UK TV and run a few polls.

I started with the 1970’s and chose 16 comedies I felt were the strongest. The only rule was the date of the FIRST episode had to represent the decade we were polling. For example:- IN LOVING MEMORY aired most of it’s episodes in the 1980’s but it made it’s debut in 1979 so it’s a 1970’s comedy.

Using a randomiser I selected four groups of four with the top 2 qualifying for the quarter finals. 

Group 1     Group 2     Group 3     Group 4  
Get Some In! 29   Man About The House 42   George & Mildred 63   Rising Damp  51
In Loving Memory 10   Love Thy Neighbour 26   Bless This House 33   Oh No It’s Selwyn Froggit 11
The Lovers 5   Only When I Laugh 17   The Dustbin Men 7   The Cuckoo Waltz 4
The Fosters 3   Mind Your Language 6   Robin’s Nest 2   Mixed Blessings 1

No big surprises in the group stages although one of my favourites, Only When I Laugh, failed to qualify. 

The first quarter final saw GET SOME IN! (15) take on BLESS THIS HOUSE (49) with the Sid James, Diana Coupland, Sally Gleeson and Robin Jackson starred family based sitcom coming out on top with 49 votes to only 15 votes for the Robert Lindsay (Karl Howman for the last series) fronted National Service based romp. 

The second quarter final featured the controversial (at the time) flat sharing MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE (47) who beat the working mans club based OH NO IT’S SELWYN FROGGIT (8)

Next up saw the landlords from MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE get their own show in GEORGE & MILDRED (90) inflict a very heavy defeat on the undertakers from IN LOVING MEMORY (7)

The final semi final place went to Rigsby and his tenants from RISING DAMP (42) as they beat the inter racial street mates from LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR (28)

Semi Final 1




It was the battle of the houses but Bless This House came out on top with a 40 to 18 victory

Semi Final 2




Would it be the cantankerous Rupert Rigsby or the cantankerous George Roper? It was George and his long suffering wife as they won with 64 votes to 37

The Final

Who’d have thought that an innocuous poll about ITV sitcoms would cause controversy? Well it did. Here’s some of the comments from a few of the CLASSIC UK TV Facebook group members:- 

Best 70’s ITV sitcom? What’s next? Least Worst Nazi?

I would rather hack my bollocks of with a rusty bread knife than watch that bilge. Just my opinion of course

really struggling to see how george and mildred even got into the conversation. not only is it a spin off from a better show, but it wasn’t very good

Abstention on this one don’t like either both rubbish

Anyway the vote took place and the winner with 151 votes to 82 was:- 

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