Hurricane was a comic published by IPC and ran for 63 issues between 19th February 1964 and 8th May 1965, though Hurricane Annuals continued to be published until 1974.

Characters and strips in the title included:-

Typhoon Tracy (a giant, superhumanly strong but not very bright soldier of fortune)

Danny Jones — Time Traveller (who had a time-travelling clock which operated when he moved its hands)

Skid Solo (a racing driver who had amazing adventures)

The Juggernaut from Planet Z (a gigantic alien robot)

Sword for Hire (starring Cavalier Hugo Dinwiddie)

Two Fists Against the World (featuring prize fighter Jim Trim and set in the early 1900s)

HMS Outcast (a series about a crew of misfits on an ancient warship in the Pacific in World War II)

Following its cancellation, Hurricane joined the pages of Tiger, where Skid Solo enjoyed a lengthy career.


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