Speed was a comic produced by IPC/FLEETWAY and ran for 31 issues from 23rd February 1980 to 25th October 1980 before it merged with TIGER.

Due to industrial action by the printers there were no issues on 24 May, 31 May, 7 Jun, 14 Jun and 21 Jun.

Stories included:- 

“Death Wish”
“The Fastest Footballer on Earth”
“Journey to the Stars”
“Quick on the Draw”
“Topps on Two Wheels”

Issue 1   Issue 9   Issue 17   Issue 25
Issue 2   Issue 10   Issue 18   Issue 26
Issue 3   Issue 11   Issue 19   Issue 27
Issue 4   Issue 12   Issue 20   Issue 28
Issue 5   Issue 13   Issue 21   Issue 29
Issue 6   Issue 14   Issue 22   Issue 30
Issue 7   Issue 15   Issue 23   Issue 31
Issue 8   Issue 16   Issue 24    


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