Hard Man

The HARD MAN was Johnny Dexter and appeared in the ROY OF THE ROVERS publication. The strip ran from 25th September 1976 through to 10th August 1985.

He initially played for Danefield United, but was transferred to Spanish team Real Granpala, where he first encountered Hungarian manager Viktor Boskovic, who followed him back to Danefield when he returned there.

Johnny also regularly found himself involved in off-pitch slapstick, including one memorable storyline in which he travelled to Italy to discuss signing for a top Serie A team. After rebuffing the team’s owner, he ended up in prison and then was forced to try and flee the country dressed in drag.

After HARD MAN finished Johnny starred for Burnside Athletic in DEXTER’S DOZEN and then sensationally signed for Melchester Rovers.


Roy of the Rovers 1976 to 1979


Roy of the Rovers 1980 to 1893


Roy of the Rovers 1984 to 1985 and various annuals and holiday specials

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