Billy’s Boots

The tag line for BILLY’S BOOTS was “Billy Dane found an ancient pair of football boots that used to belong to old-time soccer star, “Dead-Shot” Keen. In some strange way, the boots enabled Billy to play in the same style as Dead Shot…”

A schoolboy who was rubbish at football until he wore the boots of Dead-Shot Keen. I’d say this strip was probably the 2nd favourite football strip after Roy of the Rovers. It appeared in SCORCHER, TIGER, EAGLE and ROY OF THE ROVERS as well as various other football publications over the years.

During the SCORCHER years Billy Dane played cricket in the summer months. Guess what? He was rubbish at cricket too. Until he wore the cricket boots of old Dead-Shot. That was handy him playing cricket as well as football. When Billy’s Boots moved to RotR his cricketing days were behind him and the summer months saw him go to football tournaments in Holland and partaking in other footballing activities. I missed the cricket stuff.

The storylines were quite repetitive. As soon as Billy was playing well he’d lose the boots or someone would pinch them. He’d get them back and the circle would go round again. But it didn’t matter. Billy was a semi hero to us kids who were rubbish. Many a Saturday I’d go round the local jumble sales looking for old copies of TIGER and hoping I’d find a pair of old football boots that would see me going from the kid picked last to first name down. It never happened. 

Anyway, enough of me rabbiting on. It’s the stories you came for. 

I’ve separated the stories into eight volumes. They are:-


Scorcher comic from 1970 to 1974 and Scorcher annuals from 1972 to 1976


Tiger comic from 1974 to 1976


Tiger comic from 1977 to 1979


Tiger comic from 1980 to 1982


Tiger comic from 1983 to 1985


Tiger annuals and holiday specials from 1977 to 1987


Eagle comic from 1985 to 1986


Roy of the Rovers comic from 1986 to 1987 and holiday specials from 1987 to 1994


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