Bullet was a comic book published weekly in the UK during the 1970s. First published on 14 February 1976 by D.C. it focused upon adventure, action, revenge, science fiction, war and sport. Billing itself as a “rough tough action story paper for boys”, it was a sort-of-spinoff from Warlord and was hosted by a character named Fireball; this fellow made occasional references to “Uncle Peter” – presumably Warlord’s Lord Peter Flint. It was launched on the same day as IPC’s Action. The comic eventually merged into Warlord.

Main Stories

Fireball was always getting into various scrapes, going on dangerous missions, saving the world and generally kicking the backsides of the baddies – he was always able to maintain a sense of humour throughout the most death-defying situations.

Twisty Lunnon was a fantastic footballer, with an attitude, who also raced pigeons in his spare time and sometimes had brushes with the law. He started off playing as an apprentice with 4th division Sleethorpe United. He had a crooked left foot (caused by a car crash) which allowed him to bend the ball with astonishing accuracy. 

Smasher: was a 50-foot-tall, virtually indestructible robot which destroyed cities. It was controlled from a secret command bubble by Doctor Doom, an evil genius who planned to take over the world.

Wonder Mann had been raised by computers to become a world beating sportsman. A small radio/T.V “eye” linked Mann to Professor Wilkie and his assistant Tom Brace who were able to give remote assistance. He was seemingly unbeatable at every sport.

Midge Miller worked for Callaghan’s the builders who were erecting a prefabricated shed at Marrow’s shipyard. Midge started off as a 7 stone weakling and was bullied by his macho co-workers. However, in his spare time he took up a bodybuilding course at the S.W.I.S.H., the Shipyard Workers Indoor Sports Hall and at the end of the story became a hunk to be reckoned with.

Three Men in a Jeep was a 2nd world war story set in Northern France during 1944. Three men escaped from a military prison and started fighting their own war. They stole a Jeep and then went around killing huns, blowing things up and causing mayhem.

Vic’s Vengeance saw Vic Mason swore to avenge his father, killed opposing the Dean brothers, leaders of a vicious gang terrorising the East End of London. Patch Burns, a scrap dealer and ex-policeman became Vic’s ally – he mentored him, helped train him and gave survival tips.

A Tale of Terror from Solomon Knight saw a different scary story every week. Solomon Knight would introduce the story and then tell us what the story was all about at the end of it, sometimes leaving certain disturbing aspects open to the reader’s imagination. Narrator Knight was presented as a friend of Fireball.

Werewolf saw ex-detective Dave Barry inherits an old house, he gains the power to change into a werewolf whenever the moon shines. Using this power, he fights an endless war against crime.

Ginger saw Tim Brady as a fugitive on the run from his bullying stepfather who had attempted to drown Ginger, his oddly-coloured greyhound. Tim saved the dog’s life and the once weakly pup developed into a potential champion. Several unsavoury people (including the stepfather himself) realised Ginger’s worth and attempted to get him from Tim using unscrupulous means.

Strike Force 2000 fought a constant war against a Revolutionary Organisation of Anarchy and Terror (R.O.A.T). They flew through the sky using jet propulsion systems strapped to their backs, carried machine guns and had a radio/TV “eye” link with a secret computer base.




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