Welcome to JVTV

What is JVTV? Initially it was the name I gave to my personal media collection which I run through PLEX. Now it encompasses my complete digital media life. TV, films, music, books, podcasts (hopefully), personal blogs and retro British comics.

All my media is stored on my home server and at a press of a button I can listen to The Beach Boys, watch Brookside or read the latest Lynda La Plante novel wherever I am in the world. Many purists will say that having vinyl or DVD’s or actual books is the best. That’s fair enough but having 1,150 TV shows, over 1,000 films, 100’s of books and enough music that would take 104 days to play in your pocket is something that I absolutely love. I pine for nostalgia but fully get behind the digital revolution!

On this website I’ll blog about what I read, watch and listen to as well as share with you my rather large collection of British comics from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s

There’ll also be some blogs on other aspects of my life. My personal history and topics that interest me from sports to politics.   

I’d also like to encourage guest bloggers. Got something to say? Then why not say it here. Want some free websapace to publish your musings then CONTACT ME and I’ll sort something for you. 


I have been wanting to get into Podcasting for many a year. As far back as 2012 I contacted Biggsy and asked him to be my first guest. Then life got in the way and the idea never materialised. Late 2019 I finally got my act together and came up with an idea. Getting together with big Felixstowe personalities and chat nonsense whilst getting drunk. A list of guests was lined up and I was all set to record episode one. Then bloody Covid happened which stopped us having people round each others houses. Zoom piss ups didn’t have the same appeal. The idea never got off the ground.

Now as we head towards a new normality I thought I’d try again. The idea this time is all about people’s favourite media and past times.

Films, TV shows, records, sports teams etc. Which record made you fall in love with an artist, why do you prefer cricket to football, which book made you go WOW. Did Charlie George’s hair lead you into supporting Arsenal?

JVTV   Podcast

JVTV Podcast

Looking to start in post Covid hopefully in 2021. What could go wrong? It could be big. Or it could be shit. But we’ll give it a go. If you want to feature or have a suggestion then use the CONTACT ME page.