Wentworth Returns

Series 8 of Wentworth will return on Tuesday July 28 at 8.30pm on Foxtel’s Showcase channel. No date or channel has been announced for the UK but I expect it will be around about the same time, give or take a few days, on one of C5’s digital channels.

The series picks up while after we left it at the end of Series 7. Vinegar tits had just given birth whilst rogue guard Sean Brody went on a murderous rampage and Lizzie’s life was ended at the hands of Boomer.

Series 8 – Cast

We also saw the return of the amazing Pamela Rabe as Joan “The Freak” Ferguson as we found out she wasn’t dead after all. 

New characters for S8 are Lou Kelly, a former top dog of Wentworth Correctional Facility who often uses a violent approach to get what she wants, Ann Reynolds, a General Manager of extreme authority, taking control of the prison following the siege, and Reb Keane, a meek and shy prisoner and love interest for Lou.

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