I first had the idea of doing a podcast back in 2012. As per with a lot of my ideas I never done anything about it. Now every fucker is doing one so I’ll no doubt be accused of jumping on the bandwagon a la Joseph Kony – Oh well……….

I was going to do a Desert Island Discs type of podcast but copyright rules means I can’t play music so it will probably be 45-60 mins of me and famous(ish) Felixstowe residents talking shit. But we’ll all be taking a drink.

I will be recording over several hours. 15 minutes then pause for a few drinks and repeat. Could be fun but also it could be rather rubbish. I have initially lined up 5 guests with the promise of more to follow if things go well.

Series 1

Rick Biggs
Rob Stuart
Ian Watson
Dave Ray
Andy Proctor

Series 2 may see me go on the road and interview local businesses with several local businesses keen to get involved. I like this idea as it may see me get fed and watered!

#GettingDrunkWith – The rules

1.    Libel – Don’t tell lies about people

2.    Invasion of Privacy – Don’t reveal secrets about people

3.    Emotional Distress – Don’t say or do things that will hurt others’ feelings

4.    Copyright and trademark infringement – Don’t use content, music, audio clips, etc without prior permission

5.    Right of Publicity – Don’t use a person’s name or likeness for commercial purposes without permission

I think if we stick to the above we could have a hit on our hands…………

Introducing the #GettingDrunkWith jingle – Thank you Mr Proctor