PDC Quarter Finalists 2015 to 2020

I got speaking with a friend about the PDC and the different faces appearing in quarter finals over recent years. I didn’t think there were that many so I took a little look. For the data I looked at “Major” events only over a 5/6 year period. The events chosen were:- 

World Championships – 2015 to 2020
UK Open – 2015 to 2019
World Matchplay – 2015 to 2019
World Grand Prix – 2015 to 2019
Players Championship – 2015 to 2019
European Championship – 2015 to 2019
Grand Slam – 2015 to 2019

I never went for the Premier League as it’s a glorified exhibition. I chose 2015 as the start point as this was the first year the Grand Slam became a ranking event. So in all the above events that gave us a potential for 288 quarter finalists. Out of those 288 places we saw a total of 64 different faces.

Only 9 players have appeared in more than 10 QF’s whilst 24 different players appeared in only 1 QF.

No surprises that the most appearances belong to Michael Van Gerwen with 27. In second was Peter Wright with 21 and Gary Anderson 3rd with 16. Phil Taylor came joint 4th with Dave Chisnall and Daryl Gurney on 13 but he retired at the back end of the 2017 season. 

  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020   Overall  
Worlds Van Gerwen Barneveld Van Gerwen Van Gerwen Van Gerwen Van Gerwen   Van Gerwen 27
Thornton M Smith Gurney Barneveld Joyce Labanauskas   Wright 21
Wright A Lewis Barneveld Van de Bergh Chisnall Aspinall   G Anderson 16
G Anderson Wright Taylor Cross G Anderson Van de Bergh   Chisnall 13
Taylor G Anderson G Anderson J Lewis Humphries Humphries   Gurney 13
Van Der Voort Wade Chisnall D Webster M Smith Wright   Taylor 13
Bunting Norris Wade Taylor Aspinall Durrant   Sulijovic 12
Barneveld Klassen Wright G Anderson Dolan Price   Barneveld 11
                Price 11
UK Open King Van Gerwen K Huybrechts West Cross     Cross 9
Van Gerwen Lynn Norris Pallett Payne     Wade 8
Gilding Wright White Owen M Smith     Whitlock 8
Taylor Cullen Price Part Beaton     M Smith 8
Bunting Taylor Whitlock Cadby Stevenson     A Lewis 7
Petersen M Webster Gurney Price Price     White 6
Sulijovic Klassen Wright Cross Aspinall     Bunting 5
Wright K Anderson Barneveld G Anderson R Smith     D Webster 5
                King 5
Matchplay Van Gerwen Van Gerwen Van Gerwen de Zwaan Durrant     Klassen 5
White Chisnall Taylor Chisnall Wade     Durrant 5
Wright Wright Norris Cullen M Smith     Aspinall 4
Price A Lewis A Lewis G Anderson King     Dobey 4
Taylor G Anderson Gurney Wright Cross     K Huybrechts 4
Chisnall Beaton Sulijovic Whitlock Bunting     Thornton 4
Wade King D Webster Sulijovic Wright     Beaton 3
Sulijovic Taylor Wright D Webster Gurney     Cullen 3
                K Anderson 3
Grand Prix Van Gerwen Van Gerwen Henderson Van Gerwen Van Gerwen     Norris 3
J Lewis Whitlock Barneveld Chisnall King     van de Pas 3
M Webster Chisnall Gurney Gurney White     van der Voort 3
Klassen Gurney Thornton G Anderson Dobey     Clayton 3
White G Anderson Whitlock Wright Durrant     M Webster 3
Thornton K Huybrechts van de Pas Wilson Wattimena     de Zwaan 2
Sulijovic van de Pas Wright Sulijovic Chisnall     Henderson 2
Van Der Voort Barneveld Sulijovic Price Aspinall     Humphries 2
                J Lewis 2
Players Van Gerwen Van Gerwen Cross Gurney Price     Van de Bergh 2
Chisnall Barneveld Wade Dobey Bunting     West 2
Gurney Kist Clayton Noppert Barneveld     Wilson 2
van de Pas D Webster Beaton Bunting Dobey     Dolan 2
Sulijovic K Huybrechts Gurney G Anderson Van Gerwen     Cadby 1
White Wright Pipe Clayton King     Dekker 1
A Lewis Chisnall Van Gerwen Lennon White     Evans 1
Whitlock Green Dekker Van Gerwen O’Conner     Gilding 1
                Green 1
European Van Gerwen Van Gerwen Van Gerwen West Evans     Hopp 1
Chisnall Klassen Whitlock Whitlock Cross     Joyce 1
Henderson Wilson K Anderson Cullen Chisnall     Kist 1
Wright Wade Sulijovic Cross Gurney     Labanauskas 1
G Anderson Sulijovic Wright D Webster M Smith     Lennon 1
Klassen Taylor Gurney Hopp de Zwaan     Lynn 1
A Lewis K Anderson Cross Wade van der Voort     Noppert 1
Taylor Wright M Smith Price Price     O’Conner 1
                Owen 1
Grand Slam Van Gerwen Van Gerwen Van Gerwen Clayton Van Gerwen     Pallett 1
K Huybrechts Dolan Cross Van Gerwen A Lewis     Part 1
M Smith Wright Taylor Unterbuchner Price     Payne 1
A Lewis Taylor Gurney G Anderson G Anderson     Petersen 1
M Webster G Anderson Durrant Whitlock Chisnall     Pipe 1
Barneveld Barneveld Wright Price Wright     R Smith 1
Thornton Dobey Sulijovic van der Bergh Durrant     Stevenson 1
Taylor Wade G Anderson Sulijovic M Smith     Wattimena 1
                Unterbuchner 1
                van der Bergh 1

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