The Controversial Quiz

Who’d have thought that running a quiz would be so eventful? I’ve been running quizzes for more years than I can remember. From only 1 player in a local pub to crowds of over a hundred. Pubs, clubs, wooden sheds and  coach trips. One or two charity quizzes but mainly just fun nights for a few beers.

This time around I wanted to do something a little different. I decided on an annual charity music quiz. We all think we’re Popmaster so I knew we’d fill the room.  Now which room?

I had two choices. Trimley Sports & Social or Felixstowe Labour. A mate who is a committee member at the FTLC asked me to have it there. I told him TSSC have offered the hall for free. I was told FTLC would match the offer. We got clarification on this offer when another committee member offered the same deal to Dave Walne (grandfather of the Ainsley boys).

So we agreed on the venue. Right best get advertising and  announce the charity.

The charity I decided to support is Brew for Blake in conjunction with the Basic Life charity.  Here’s a little bit about Brew for Blake and why we raise money for them:-

Blake Ainsley and his brothers Ashton and Max are affected by the condition Hereditary Multiple Exostoses (HME). HME results in the growth of benign tumours on the bones of the sufferer. This rare genetic bone condition affects 1 in 50,000 people, causing significant pain and difficulty when performing simple tasks such as walking or sitting. In order to manage the pain Blake needs morphine up to six times a day.

Currently the only specialist treatment available in the UK is provided at the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh. Blake’s family have to travel there regularly for treatment, at their own expense with no financial assistance provided by the government or NHS.

Charity and venue sorted. I then put the feelers out for a sponsor. Within minutes 2 Felixstowe guys, Darren Walne and Matt Hope had contacted me. They’d both put in £250 each to get the ball rolling.

Darren on behalf of James Kemball and Matt on behalf of Coastal Global Logistics – Two absolute stars. The money they’ve both ploughed into grassroots events in Felixstowe and the surrounding areas is greatly received and does not go unnoticed.  It may not be an exaggeration to say thousands of locals have benefited by their kind gestures over the years.

Trophies and cash prizes were sorted with the sponsors money and the balance started off the charity pot. I’d written the quiz and started to watch the participants add their names to the Facebook Event. Everything was going swimmingly.

Then I got a letter. The FTLC had decided that in fact we couldn’t have the room for free. But we could have it at £60 instead of £100. Why couldn’t they have told me this at the start? I was cross. I know people will say rules are rules and if one gets it for free then so should others. Well I’m not concerned with others. They can do their own deals. Two of us were told we could have it for free then the rug was pulled out under our feet.

I went cap in hand to TSSC. Sue who runs the place was absolutely amazing. She moved a few things round and made sure the hall was available. ALL FOR FREE. The venue was changed.

Raffle prizes were collected, PA was borrowed and the night was soon upon us. We eventually got the quiz underway at 8:10pm due to crowds. We had an amazing 146 participants. Extra tables were sought and make shift chairs.

I pride myself on compiling a perfect quiz. Unfortunately this time round I made two errors. First up was:-

What Food Is Mentioned First In The Oliver Twist Song ‘Food Glorious Food’ ?
The answer I was looking for was “Hot sausage and mustard” – Wiggy contested this answer by saying Gruel is the first food mentioned. He was correct. My question should have read:-
What Food Is Mentioned First In The Oliver Twist Song ‘Food Glorious Food’ after the first ‘Food Glorious Food’?

Oh well – Sorry Wiggy 🙂

Next is one I won’t live down for a long time especially as it’s one of my Karaoke numbers. Where had Charlene “never been to” in 1982? We all know the answer is ME – For some strange reason I’d put YOU. Sorry folks. At least you all got it wrong (or right?)

We got through the quiz and time for the results. 3 teams left early so their results were expunged. So this left us with:-

Last Place – S Club 6 – Wooden Spoon & £30
Third Place – The Losers – £30
Second Place – Brian Munich – £60
First Place – Dead Parrots – Individual Trophies, Shield to keep for one year & £120

Now we get to the controversy. The Losers questioned their score. I checked my spreadsheet and everything looked fine. I told them I couldn’t do anything on the night but would investigate in the morning and report back.

In the morning I took a look. I had missed out EVERYBODY’S 80’s round. I added these back in and the last place and top 3 was unaffected. I can only apologise for my error and assure everyone that the correct team did win.

So what about the future? Well we have 15 spaces on the shield so we will go again. Of course I will look at mistakes I made and put right for next time. These will include:-

When booking the venue which will be Trimley Sports and Social Club I will make sure there’s no band on next door so the acoustics will be a lot better.
Employ a couple of independent scoring adjudicators to collect scores after every round and check them against the answers and to make sure the answers I’ve supplied are correct.
Make it a ticket only event. Sell tickets in advance so we are fully aware of how many are coming and set places accordingly.

There’s bound to be more so if any of you have any suggestions then let me know.

So then. Despite the late venue change, the packed hall, noise levels and a couple of quiz controversies an incredible £1,332 was raised – Imagine what we can do if everything ever goes smoothly?

As for next year’s charity. I have been asked by a fair few others if I could change the charity on a yearly basis and do things for them. I have had a long hard think about this and unfortunately my answer is no.

As long as Brew for Blake needs fundraising then my charity efforts will be for them.

Before I finish here’s a couple more links.

Brew For Blake Facebook Page
Brew For Blake Just Giving Page
More About HME

Once again thank you to all sponsors, prize donators and anyone who spent money on the raffle and/or participating. See you all in 2019



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