Roy of the Rovers

Roy of the Rovers was a comic produced by IPC/FLEETWAY and ran for 851 issues from 25th September 1976 to 20th March 1993.

Roy first appeared in TIGER in 1954 (You’ll find those elsewhere within the COMICS feature of this website when I upload them). After 22 years at TIGER he moved to his own publication and featured many great stories including:- Hard Man (Johnny Dexter), Mike’s Mini Men (Subbuteo), Hot-Shot Hamish, Mighty Mouse, The Safest Hands in Soccer, Tommy’s Troubles and many many more.

I was an avid comic reader throughout the late 70’s right up to the closure of RotR on that very sad day in March 1993. In the 70’s I’d pop to the local newsagent and get my RotR and TIGER along with a tin of Top Deck Shandy and a quarter of pear drops before heading home to watch TISWAS (for Sally James). Over the years I had hundreds upon hundreds of these comics but like most things they’ve all but gone.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Imagine buying every single issue and preserving them untouched. According to the website, near on mint editions of all 851 RotR issues would be worth £2,640 although a well read copy of issue 1 sold for £56 back in 2008. Look in your lofts folks. You could be sitting on a few bob. 

I aim to add all 515 copies I have plus 36 annuals and 23 holiday specials of Roy of the Rovers to this section for you all to read and enjoy. As well as RotR I’ll be uploading plenty of other comics including TIGER, SCORE, CHAMP, SCORCHER and SCORE. 

These will all be FREE for you to read and enjoy. However, it does cost a fair bit to purchase all the back issues and for the upkeep of the website so if you want then you can send a few bob by using the DONATE button at the bottom of this page. 

Anyway, here’s the first 50 issues (More to follow over the next few weeks) – You may need to use the ZOOM facility when reading. 

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