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Winston Churchill 0

Winston Churchill

Over the years I’ve made it quite clear how I feel about the man who was voted THE GREATEST EVER BRITON back in 2002. With the emergence of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the questioning...

Maddie McCann 0

Maddie McCann

Written in 2011 and published on the now defunct Suffolk Sports Forum It’s now four years since the McCanns discovered that their eldest daughter, Madeleine was missing. What actually happened on that fateful night...

Orwell High School Reunion 0

Orwell High School Reunion

This article was written in March 2014 after former pupils wreaked havoc during an open evening School rivalries are a big part of growing up. The current Prime Minister was an old Etonion whilst...

Joey Deacon 0

Joey Deacon

First published on my old website back in 2004 Back in the very early eighties perennial kids TV favourite Blue Peter unwittingly started a playground craze that was to last for years. The...

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