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Childhood Memories 0

Childhood Memories

When people talk about childhood memories what is it we are actually remembering? Real life facts or memories that others have talked about? In this piece I’ll try and relay some of my earliest...

My Visit to F&W 0

My Visit to F&W

Written on February 2nd 2019 – Before Watty got the sack There’s that old saying “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”. A bit poor as far as sayings go but it...

World Record Holder 0

World Record Holder

I once was a world record holder. Yes you read it right. Me who has never set the world alight was the best in the world at something. I bet you’re guessing what feat...

Eviction 0


Back in 1997 I was living with the old man in a council bungalow in Trimley. One Saturday in October I was asked to host a music quiz for Walton United Football Club (before...

My Sporting Life 0

My Sporting Life

Causton Hawks v Colneis @ Colneis circa 1979 This was my full debut for Causton Hawks. They were formed as a team for the boys who had no real football ability. Walton Colts were...

My Father’s Eulogy 0

My Father’s Eulogy

This is the eulogy I wrote for my father’s funeral which took place on Monday 14th January 2012 Terence James Versey My father, Terry, or TV as I’ll refer to him for the rest...

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