Welcome to JVTV

JVTV is the name I give to my media collection. I’ve been collecting TV series for around 7 years now. It first started when I stumbled upon the majority of DREAM TEAM and that was soon followed by every episode of PRISONER CELL BLOCK H and all but one of BROOKSIDE. Collecting soon became an obsession and I’m now on around 1,100 TV series with well over 70 thousand episodes!

As well as links to my media I’ve also added a few bits of writing I’ve done over the years along with a QUIZ section and slowly but surely I’m adding digital copies of many comics from the 50’s through to the 90’s.

I also want to encourage interaction and hope to have GUEST BLOGGERS as well as treading my toes into the world of PODCASTS. 

HISTORY – A brief history of all the personal websites I’ve had over the years

COMICS – The 70’s and 80’s was a golden era for printed comics. Find some of the best here. 

MEDIA – My blogs on TV. Film, Music and Books

MY LIFE – Tales of woe from over half a decade of my life

FOOTBALL – My thoughts on the not so beautiful game

OTHER SPORT – All non Football sports stuff. Mainly darts and cricket.

OTHER STUFF – Other bits and pieces I’ve written that do not fit into one of my categories

GUEST BLOGS – Something I want to push. Encourage family, friends and strangers to write.

VERSEY REVIEWS – My good lady Katie and myself will be sharing our reviews on the things we do together. Like a council estate Trip Advisor.

QUIZZES – The many quizzes I compile and host will be shared here

CONTACT ME – As it says. Drop me a line with anything relating to the site.  


Podcasting is the latest trend (I hate trends) but I have been planning on doing one for a good few years now. Just never had the time or the software. Now I have the software so I just need to find the time. The theme of the Podcast will be local people.

Felixstowe has some great characters so I’ll get them round mine, have a beer, a chat and get it all recorded.

Mix it in with their favourite songs. What could go wrong? It could be big. Or it could be shit. But we’ll give it a go. I have the first four guests lined up. I had hoped to do this throughout 2020 and then COVID got in the way. Maybe in the spring of 2021??.

If you want to feature or have a suggestion then use the CONTACT ME page.


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BookTrust is national in scale and works in every region in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. They work through every local authority via children’s centres, schools, libraries and health professionals to reach families who need us most.